Advanced Logistics and the Convergence of Trade

When logistics met trade, the reason for convergence, ultimately changed significantly. With this shift, arrived new areas of development for all parts of the supply chain. What this has meant is that as the industry advances, so does need to understand the value of the tangible good. When do you think this stage occurred in actuality and how can the sector ready for the ongoing wave of modern technologies?

A Modal for the Trailer

Shipping containers since their ascent into being able to be configured in many different efficient ways for living, have yet to be mobile in totality. Seems like that would be inherent, but after they reach the dock, they usually have a fair way to go. This is where the ModalTrailer solidifies movement by being both a truck and a container. Homes designed just to be a part of the transport, with a seamless loading and unloading.

Containers for Shapeability

Do modals have to adjust to the world we live in or can they be flakes of a greater space? Leaves or rocks, there may not be currently a shipping container suitable for such packaging. These could also be stackable and reuseable and digitally shapeable. But how can the thousands of spare modals be moved to an area such as this? Whether maritime or on the land, monetizing natural resources and garbage alike could be a great opportunity for the shipping community with an innovative application.

Making a Modal

With the movement of Modals, there is a need for like applications that work. Not all shipments really have to have such a container. This can be good for their development as well. With the recent ModalCube, it became apparent that there are areas that do need improvement to thrive. To be efficient and practical is difficult, but knowing that people want to go with a product that makes their lives happier, there will be startups like this, that grow this industry through the 21st century.

What’s in Store for Modality?

With the recent popularization of shipping container homes, there now really are new market scalers working to benefit society. What do you want built to make your life better?

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